Shipping policy

The members of Rabisa Store will reserve the option to dispose of, annihilate, exchange or closeout and as it might esteem properly any of the Seller's products/Items inside sixty (60) days after receipt by the Courier Company in case of those merchandise/Items are being returned/undelivered from the Customers in any capacity whatsoever, given that the Seller has been told of the said return of the Items/Goods by email to his email address gave by the Seller and if the Seller didn't mastermind the pickup of the these returned things/products. This statement will be considered as an unequivocal approval to us and additionally liquidated any of the things/products referenced above and will be with no complaint from the Sellers and with no obligation to our store. Moreover, we are allowed to deduct any charges or costs that may be brought about through the aura or potentially liquidation of the above which will be guaranteed as well as deducted from the record of the Seller. 

Courier company

We also use the services of the courier companies to deliver the purchased products by the customer. We may use courier service when the order is placed from another city rather than Faisalabad.

Order to be tracked at respective courier company’s website/office.

Any damaged product to be claimed by the courier company.

We Rabisa Store give the delivery time as our best knowledge and experience however it may vary for several reasons such as weekends, festivals, strikes or any disasters.

If courier tracking number or details are not found at checkout time, can be asked to us by email, WhatsApp or other communication channels.

Cash on delivery and prepaid delivery services are offered.

Company Delivery

Our store allows you to choose from two different delivery methods that are standard delivery and express delivery.

We also provide cash on delivery in the urban locations of the selected cities.

You can select between regular packed delivery or gift wrapped/decorated (Paid).

Express Delivery is same-day delivery, and delivered within 24 hrs of order (Varies for public holidays, events, disasters or any restriction applied by the government).

Regular delivery could take up to 4 working days. (subject to availability of product)

Contact less delivery is available, in this condition our rider will drop the package at your doorstep.